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The most surreal thing about Fright Night is that David Tennant’s mannerisms don’t actually change that much, so it’s like watching Ten on a bender.  Or maybe someone activated the ‘foul-mouthed bisexual painted manwhore’ setting on the chameleon arch.

All I want from life is a set of business cards that say “Foul-Mouthed Bisexual Painted Manwhore.”

Come to think of it, if Tumblr had a job description…

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Barrowman, Tate and Tennant sing “Let’s Do It” for RTD and Julie Gardner. I JUST THREW UP FROM HAPPINESS.

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This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen and if you don’t watch it right now you’re a dum-dum head.

The only downside is it reminds me of how much I miss David Tennant :(


30 DAYS OF NEW DOCTOR WHO: Day 6  Favorite Catchphrases | 3/4

The Doctor: Allons-y!

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