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"This is also where I shot the video for "Helena" for My Chemical Romance, which also featured a lot of umbrellas. It’s a motif, what can I say? I like umbrellas, I have an umbrella fetish." - Marc Webb, on the funeral scene in The Amazing Spider-Man

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omg the character development though. 

In the first four gifs, Hatter’s all stone and coldness, his eyes hold no warmth for her and he’s just sort of scowling because he can’t be bothered to care. But when she looks at him when he says her name, his face completely changes. He holds out his hand, his eyes go soft and his voice does too, and that last gif - where he’s leading her off the ledge - to the naked eye might seem as though the coldness has returned. But that intensity is him realizing that he does care about this Oyster, and that he’s resolved not to let anything hurt her; not even himself.

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